is this seller trying to scam me?

  1. I have done this before a few times without a problem. As long as the seller has tons of feedback and history with ebay as this seller does, I would go ahead and save $100.
  2. Montecarlo has lots of positive feedback....
    but als a first time buyer with her I wouldn't buy outside Ebay... but if you really want to save 100 .... I mean... I don't think you run a risk...
  3. If it were me, I wouldn't do it. It is way too much money. I usually put a limit on what I will spend on eBay. My husband sometimes buys expensive items on eBay and there always seems to be a problem.

    That person has had very good feedback this year. I am concerned that her feedback is private (you can't see much info when you look at it). I haven't seen this bag before but she does provide a lot of pictures. That is a good thing. It says "all sales final." That is a bad thing. If this person was confident enough to sell something claiming it's authentic, then she should allow a money back guarantee. You should also ask her where she got the bag. I am always skeptical when someone is selling a lot of a high end product because a brand like LV is very particular about who carries their products. Using Paypal with a credit card (preferably AMEX) will protect you. I think the pros and cons are balanced meaning don't do it. Just pay retail. It would alleviate any concern.
  4. The seller is trustworthy BUT, that is way too much for that bag, it retailed for $400! There WILL be another one, just wait it out, you WILL find another one at a much more reasonable price.
  5. I would still buy it. The seller's feedback looks good, and Paypal will still give you buyer protection even it is a purchase outside of ebay, right? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. for only 400?

    noone wonder she doesnt care about losing 100$ :cursing:

    shes still going to about double her profit

    I wouldnt do it and i would move on


    Im pretty sure that there is no protection if dealt with outside of ebay
  7. Yeah it was either $400 or $440 but I'm thinking $400. It was so much cheaper than what they're asking. I wouldn't buy it simply because of the overinflation of the price. It WAS only available in Hawaii and Japan but a cheaper one will definitely come up eventually.
  8. I don't think you are protected when you buy outside ebay through paypal unless you pay with credit card.
  9. I wouldn't do it simply because the risk is high. Even with a reputable seller, you want to be protected in case USPS messes up, or anything happens that's unforseen.
    I also agree that $900 is too expensive for that bag. It retailed for $400, and people have been paying $600 for it due to its limited status, but $900? yea just wait for another one to be listed by someone else.
  10. Does the seller ask this much because this model is not available in the continent U.S.A.?
  11. I second Cola. Even though this seller has good feedback you always run the risk of it being a fake. Many sellers of fakes have positive feedback. You wouldn't have the Ebay/Paypal dispute process if something went wrong.

    At the very least, if you do go ahead with it, please put it on a credit card through Paypal so you can do a chargeback if something goes wrong.
  12. I wouldn't do it. Especially since the seller is selling the bag for more than double what it retailed for. Definitely NOT WORTH IT!
  13. wouldn't do it either, another one will show up, just keep an eye out...