Is this seller dreaming??? (Amore pricing)

  1. Probably someone will buy it if they have no idea where else to look for Tokis.
  2. I think some crazy person will buy it hahaha, someone crazy like me O__O? lol. Nahh, but if they don't have access to these bags where they live they just might buy it.
  3. Did you forget the link or is it there and I just can't see it? :confused1:
  4. Oooh, thanks for the link!! That does have a great print placement. Cozy-Little-Shop is known for their high prices but they usually have great print placement on their stuff. They'll have that bag up for weeks but eventually someone WILL buy it :nuts: I know but I guess if you can't find it anywhere you'll pay whatever you have to? :shrugs:
  5. Nope. Uh-huh. Not at all. I wouldn't buy that for that price.
  6. I just paid $199 BIN for my Amore Zucca. I'd rather have waited than pay so much for that bag x_X; Zuccas are tough to find, but not THAT tough.
  7. yeah, I noticed they have a stellina marked up to almost $170 but it hasn't sold and it has been weeks. I wonder if they buy them at the stores and have to sell them marked up like that to make profit?
  8. $199 I'd pay, but not $239!!
  9. I meant, I am happy with my purchase and if I hadn't gotten it I wouldn't have bought the $239 one, I would have waited. I just reread my post and realized how misleading it looked xD;
  10. It definitely has a good print placement, with the Adios and Ciao Ciao almost dead center. I would be tempted but I'm trying other avenues to get my Adios/Ciao Ciao love fix.
  11. I'm glad you reposted...I just read your first post twice and I was like :confused1: :confused1: . Now it makes sense and I get what you're saying. Congrats on your purchase!! :yahoo: What you paid isn't insane b/c it's kinda what the bag cost if you bought it in the store + tax.
  12. I just looked at it...that is a pretty cute bag though lol. I don't think they had those @ the store down here, I might've bought that style instead.
  13. I asked my bf if we could go searching stores today. Hopefully macy's have gotten theirs? (since they said around the 10th right??)