Is this scarf really this rare?

  1. I don't know the answers to either question... but it sure is cute! not $152.50 cute, but still cute. I know they had a whole line of "bee" stuff and it seems like everything but the keyfobs go for quite a bit of money now.
  2. I don't know, I'd have to check with my SA. That is one really cute scarf though!
  3. I was looking for a scarf to go on the straw bee tote I bought from TJMaxx recently......this would have been really cute! But I only paid $129 for the bag itself:nuts:
  4. It came out last spring, it sold out verryyyy fast! It was so cute, but that's a little nuts for it! haha
  5. It's cute but wow, that price is insane!
  6. WOW!:wtf:
    It's a beauty!
  7. Cute, but not THAT cute! Rack, Marshalls, & TJ all have the same straw bee demi in my area... it's the one thing they can't get rid of!
  8. Our TJMaxx still has a couple of the bee demis.......I bought the huge tote though--one day it was marked $200, and the next day it was $129! I couldn't resist!
  9. WHOA! $129?
    The large straw totes are still $199 at my TJMaxx!
    Great find!:yes:
  10. Yup, I was soooo excited! I can't wait until it finally gets warm and I can use it, it's too cute!
  11. does anyone know if the demi's in that same print have been marked down also???
  12. The demi's at our TJ Maxx are $79. They have been in our store for a couple weeks now.
  13. The ones I've been seeing are $99... and they've been there for a long time. I thought they'd reprice them, but not yet.
  14. wow...that is a lot of $$$ for that scarf but hey when you need one you need one.