Is this Sap??

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  1. That's what my Sap Green Stella looks like...t6886197768he auction # is:

    Here's a Burgundy Stella on sale, if you are still interested.
  2. windy, your bag is TDF!!! Congrats!
    and THANK YOU!!! ;)
  3. OT, winona, your avvie is hilarious!
  4. Yes indeed, that's a sap sophia - I have the exact same bag and it's probably my most dearly beloved...traded away a sap stella a month or so ago. What's nice about the sophia is that it's roomy, with lots of interior compartments, more than the stella, but it's not as much to hulk around, and the single, longer shoulder strap is nice. Plus, I think the sophia has a cuter overall shape...IMO, of course. Best wishes on your acquisition! :smile:
  5. I switched it back, I had a moment of Mrs Perin flashback I had to share!