Is this sandstone?

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  1. I'm getting ready to make my first Balenciaga purchase :nuts:
    Since it's my first, I want to go for a neutral. I think I've decided on Sandstone. I've been in contact w/ Aloharag and they send me a pic. But it looks so dark! Could this be sandstone? Is it just the lighting?
  2. The pic is not showing up for me.
  3. It's not showing up for me, either. Would it be possible for you to attach the picture? Thanks!
  4. [​IMG]
    I agree, it does look dark in this photo, but I do think it's Sandstone. If you search the threads PowderPuff has some pictures of her gorgeous Sandstone posted that shows the colour really well.
  5. I don't think that's sandstone. Truffle maybe?
  6. Looks more like Truffle to me
  7. It looks like truffle to me though
  8. EDIT: Whoops... I take that back - that is definately not Sandstone, I thought it was from the smaller pic, but then I just saw it blown up. It does look like Truffle.........

    The color of sandstone is a bit lighter then that IRL.

    Check out this thread: on page 3, there is a thumbnail pic of what sandstone looks like with flash... I think it is pretty close to the color of mine IRL...

    Hope that helps! :smile:
  9. I was thinking truffe as well. I asked AR to confirm it was sandstone. They confirm it is, but I'm afraid to order it. Has anyone had problems w/ ordering from them in the past?
  10. It definitely looks like sandstone in low lighting to me. I would just ask them to send you another photo w/brighter lighting.
  11. I agree - looks too light to be truffle. Maybe a pic in better lighting will show the true color.
  12. I think it's truffle too... I've never seen sandstone look that dark in any lighting :confused1: but maybe...
  13. Sandstone or truffle -- it's not clear. You can ask for clarification. [:smile:]
  14. When you click on the picture it actually says "argile".

    Was argile a color from a different season and this may be left over?

    Because yes it is too light for truffle and too dark for sandstone.
  15. When i questioned AR about the color (and name), I was told that the picture is Sandstone and that argyle is another name for sandstone.
    I sent an e-mail requesting another picture, hopefully they can help sort this out.