Is this safe?

  1. Buyer in UK sending me payment by bank transfer, I'm in the US. Once it clears my bank she wants me to ship it to her friend in Hong Kong to avoid customs fees. I'm fine with that, but is there any way I could lose the money? I plan to ship USPS global express with insurance and all that. I'm just so paranoid after my last international eBay disaster.
  2. Ugh, I wouldn't do it. It sounds like a scam using a stolen account in the UK.
  3. With a cleared bank transfer you should be indemnified of any future issues.

    What happened the last time? Was it PayPal?
  4. Yes, it was Paypal. It's a long story, but I lost the money and the bag, and of course about $50 in shipping fees.
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  7. Really? How can they do that with a bank transfer though? Once it clears my account, isn't it just like cash? I really do want to sell this bag, but I thought bank wire was totally safe.
  8. Ah, I know the feeling. Both my sister and I went to MSU. :heart:
  9. In my opinion, yes, it's like cash, but the account could be stolen, and I wouldn't want to be accepting money from a stolen account. That's just me.
  10. Oh! I hadn't thought of it that way. Good point.
    Can I use global international priority to Singapore? Is there online tracking for that?
  11. Customs into the UK are extremely high, while customs into Hong Kong are zero.
    The details make sense to me. The Buyer isn't asking you to lie on customs forms.
    It sounds like something they have done before on high dollar items.
    I don't see any red flags here.
    Bank wire transfers are the safest way to receive money.
    Once it is there it is there for good.
    E-checks on PayPal are not bank wire transfers. They are just that,
    e-checks and as such can be reversed for unauthorized account activity.
    The same is true for credit cards.

    And PayPal payments for international transactions are at great risk to the Seller.
    Just like your 1st nightmare.
  12. i agree, you won't have any problems with a bank transfer, the risk is on them, if anything were to go wrong , their chances of getting the money back would be zilch
  13. If you use the post office, I believe the only way you can get tracking is if you send it global express, not priority.