Is this safe? Advice please.....

  1. I recently had a chargeback for £260.00. Paypal won't pay, as I don't have proof of posting, even though the seller gave positive feedback.

    I have contacted the buyer, and apparently she orginally bought the item on her husbands credit card, and now they are getting divorced, he's being an arse, and has told the bank he didn't authorise the payment.

    She can't repay me in full, but has agreed to pay me £20 weekly into my bank account till its cleared.

    How safe is it to give someone your bank account details to make payments into it? :confused1:
  2. I wouldn't let anyone pay my bank, but she can pay your Paypal account and you can transfer it to your bank yourself.
  3. Good idea, thanks. :rolleyes:
  4. I am in the UK, and I have done a couple of bank transfers, where I have paid this way.

    There is no risk, all you need to give is your acount name, bank sort code and account number.

    To some extent it is safer, if for any reason they wanted to try and charge back, it would be possible via paypal (maybe), but not at all with a bank transfer.
  5. My concern, is that having originally purchased the item from me, she has my name and address. And to then give her my bank details, to me, seems a bit risky? Not sure. :confused1:
  6. Go with the PayPal idea, it is the best way short of getting it in one lump sum-
  7. Ive done a few bank transfers, I dont think there's a lot she can do with your account number though, without knowing more security details
  8. no one should have your bank information. Very risky.
  9. Thanks all. I think it makes sense to go the paypal route, and have advised the buyer accordingly.:yes:
  10. Your being very generous imo, I mean 20 pounds a month, that´s charity! It´s her problem she paid on her husband´s account, so she should pay money to him, not involve you. Sounds fishy.
  11. DITO
  12. Ppl pay my bank every day... it's absolutely normal in Germany that ppl pay via bank transfer.
    BUt: As Nola said, 20 is way too low IMO.
  13. I don't think you'd have a problem giving her your bank account info. but I completely agree with the others! she should mail you the bag back, then when she has paid the £20 a month for the next 13 months!!!! then she can have the bag back!

    one thing hun, keep all records of correspondance between you. Print out & keep safe copies of her original paypal payment, the auction page (or all the info if the page is no longer available) and the page of your feedback that she left her mails, the emails from paypal etc cos if she fails to keep up with payments, you can take her to county court. You will win the case if she stops paying becasue its a contract between you. It only costs around £30 to take someone to CC & if you will (which you will) she has to pay that fee too!

    good luck hun!
  14. That's why I think husbands are a bad idea........:happydance:
  15. Its annoying...but she says she's going to pay £20 a week. I just want it back with the least hassle, and hopefully without having to go to Court.