Is this ruined?

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  1. I sprayed my pochette metis with apple garde and i got caight in a drizzle and saw that the vaquetta dis not look so nice so i decided to “even out” the water stains with an alcohol free wipe (like i have done with other purses) and the result was this :sad:
    Now, i’m not sure what is the white stuff i am seeing or if you can treat it somehow, but i thought it was a good idea to ask here if anyone has seen this before. Any ideas would be appreciated!

  2. Where did you buy the purse from?
  3. Louis vuitton boutique
  4. Was your apple guard new? My apple guard got old and messed up the vachetta on one of my bags. I don't use anything anymore on my bags.:sad:
  5. Oh no - I’d try conditioning it with a good leather conditioner
    It looks dried out
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  6. Take it to LV and ask them, one of my bags I treated too and was sorry afterwards, even the leather conditioner didn't fix it. The dried out parts still look dry.
    These vachetta bags need to come with a warning--"Do NOT treat them with anything"
  7. I’ve never seen wipes do that so it was probably the apple garde. It looks like it almost disintegrated the leather! I’d take it in for repair/replacement of the handle.
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    Please everyone: stop treating the vachetta leather with chemicals! It's meant to age naturally.
    OP, take your bag to Louis Vuitton and see what the SA suggests. If they can't provide a helpful tip, you could always use a leather conditioner (but it will likely darken the leather).
  9. You literally KILLED your leather with everything you put on it. Luckily you can wrap a bandeau on the handle or pay for a new one
  10. Ugh, that’s sad! It looks like the top layer disintegrated due to the chemicals. I would probably try leather conditioner but if that doesn’t help I take it in for handle replacement.
  11. I would not put anything on the vachetta anymore. OP, just bring it to LV and get the handle replaced...
  12. Why treat a brand new bag with anything? Do people think LV sends its bags out to the stores in an unfinished state?
  13. To answer your question, yes, it's ruined.
    I don't know what you can do except change this leather part.
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  14. Aw man, I would just wrap a twilly around it until you decide to get all the vachetta replacerd
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  15. When you receive bags with stitches pulled out or illegible stamps or holes/dents in canvas etc one might think they do send out in an unfinished state.
    However I also don't get why people treat bags that are brand new. To each their own.
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