Is this risky?

  1. I recently listed my Balenciaga box on eBay and I had a potential buyer email me and ask if I would accept a partial payment from Paypal and partial from a money order. Is this risky for me in any way? Should I do it?
  2. It sounds OK, but tell her that you cannot ship the bag until the money order clears your bank. Conterfeit postal money orders is big business!! So when it arrives assure that it is, indeed, legit and you have the cash in hand before you ship the bag.
  3. The risk of the money order isn't just counterfeiting. It can bounce just like a check can so make sure to hold it 10 days or so to make sure it clears.
  4. Should Be Fine As Long As Mo Clears First...although If There Is A Problem Paypal Would Only Cover You For The Amount She Paid Through Them.
  5. If you have to ask.............
  6. mmmmm ..... did she explaing why she couldnt pay the full amount through paypal?
  7. Just make sure the MO clears before shipping the bag.
    I have accepted this form of payment before, the buyer had received money for her birthday and wanted to use it towards her purchase.
  8. i wouldn't do it, but i guess everyone's right, just make sure it clears first! and be extra cautious.
  9. I actually paid for an expensive item this way before. I had some paypal refund money I was waiting on to clear back into my account and wanted to use that plus some money I had in cash from a consulting job I was working on. I contacted the buyer, sent the money order and then used the paypal money when it cleared in 2 days. I had to wait 10 days for them to ship, but I was okay with it. I would say as long as the money order clears, you should be fine. Don't ship for at least 10 days.
  10. I have done this as well - sometimes it is easier for a buyer that way.

    I would go by her feedback, and I would wait for the money to be in your accoutn for certain.
  11. I don't really see a problem as long as you wait for the money order to clear first.
  12. A money order is in some ways safer than paypal as there can be no chargeback.