Is this risky to me?

  1. I have a buyer in the UK who wants to buy my bag. It is $1,150. She asked me to undervalue the customs claim which I will not do because I am not protected in case the transaction goes bad. So in order to avoid customs, she is going to have her friend in the US pay me with her Paypal account and ship the bag to her and they will settle up. But the friend doesn't have an eBay user id or any feedback. Is this risky to me? How can I protect myself or should I say no?

    Oh, and the actual buyer has feedback of 2.
  2. i iwll only do it if her friend has eBay account..:tup: it tough to sent packages overseas..and onyl used paypal and shiiped ot comfirmed address only for big valued items:yes:
  3. Exactly^^^Only ship to a confirmed address if they pay through paypal and they have an eBay account. If you can get them to pay through bidpay or a bank wire transfer.
  4. I would not be sending the package to UK. I would be sending it to the US. What is Bidpay?
  5. To be fully protected, the friend needs to get an Ebay account and then you need to set up an auction just for her. She BINs the bag, pays through her Paypal account and you then send to her PAYPAL-CONFIRMED address here in the US. Send the bag with insurance for the full amount and SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION, not just delivery confrimation.