Is this right ?

  1. Hi, I see alot of Prada bags on Ebay come with see through plastic bags. Are these real ones and do all real ones come with this ?. TIA :balloon:
  2. All I know is the eBay purse board experts say at least 90% of the Pradas listed are fakes. So chances are they aren't authentic. Wouldn't plastic harm the leather bags? (I know a lot of Prada is nylon)
  3. i found the best way to make an educated conclusion about whether it is fake or real is by studying the real stuff carefully, and then ask for as many detailed close up pics as possible to examine some key features. these are normally: leather texture, cut and proportion, and hard/metal wear, depending on the styles you are looking at. some are easier and cheaper to copy, the nylon ones especially. at times, only by touching them you will know that they are fakes, in which case, the return policy become crucial. that's my 2 cents :smile:
  4. ^ very well said.
  5. thanks everyone :smile:
  6. Plastic bags mean FAKE 100% of the time! also, bargain prices on recent models pretty much mean it's a fake...

  7. Be careful also, as some may pretend having the real thing and showing you all the fine details of a real stuff but will send you the fake...jsut my two cents.:smile: