Is this request unreasonable?

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  1. I have bought and sold on Ebay and this doesn't seem unreasonable to me but I wanted to run it by others here to see.

    I opened my Paypal account before I got married and changed my name. I know if they ship to my confirmed address (my work address) with my maiden name my work will send it back because they have never known me with that name.

    If you were still shipping it to a cofnrimed address would you ship to a different last name or be willing to hyphenate the two last names?
  2. Can't you just change your last name on PayPal?
  3. No I would have to close the account and reopen a new one. As I said I have bought and sold so I would have to get reverified and do the rest of the process. Or I could send away for a copy of my marriage certificate and send that to them with a copy of my drivers license. It's a lot of work IMO for a one time thing and I don't see how I can get it done before the aution closes.
  4. I would ship to a hyphenated name, especially with a note of explanation from the buyer.
  5. I would just ask to add your married name hyphenated. The seller should understand and your work should be clear. Everybody wins
  6. Thanks everyone. I e-mailed the seller and they were fine with it.