Is this repairable??

  1. The patent leather strap is torn and need to get it fixed since it does bother me. I don't want to spend much on repairs since this older Coach bag cost me $200. Any suggestions would be awesome. Please ignore my unmanicured fingers. TIA!
  2. You might want to take it to a reputable shoe repair shop in your town-They also repair handbags- And get an estimate
  3. Have you taken it to your Coach store yet? Maybe they can send it in and the strap can be replaced?
  4. You could also buy a leather repair kit online and do it yourself...
  5. I will go into Coach today and ask if they can replace it. If not, then I will go to a reputable shoe repair shop. Thanks all for your help! :flowers:
  6. Just to update, I came from Coach and they told me they can send it back for repair but if they are unable to do it (since its patent leather) then they will send me a 20% off your next Coach bag and I will not get my bag back. I decided not to send it and will just go to the shoes repair store tomorrow :sad:
  7. ^If they couldn't repair it they'd keep the bag and give you 20% off another bag? What kind of garbage is that? I'm sorry but I think that is a complete load of crap. I'm not saying that I don't believe you - I think it's horrible that Coach would do that to one of its customers. They will give the 25% PCE discount to pretty much anyone who asks for it but they would only offer you 20% for your bag? :shocked:
  8. What is the 25% PCE discount? What does PCE mean? Who do you ask for the discount?
  9. Thats exactly what the sale lady told me in the Coach store. She said, once they received the bag and if they are unable to do it, I will receive a sorry letter with a coupon inside. I didnt argue with the girl since I didnt know any of their policies. She gave me an example and said if I purchased it a week ago and they would have just swapped bags but since mines is a pretty old style, they cant do anything. I'm pretty sure she told me 20% off and not 25%. I went to the Coach store at Stonestown in San Francisco. Was I given false info?
  10. I think it's 40% not 20% unless they recenlty changed it. I am sending in a bag now that needs topstitching. I told them if they can't fix it to return it to me. I have always gotten the bag back, with the letter.
  11. The one time I sent a bag in to be repaired, and it couldn't be repaired, I got my bag back and the coupon. I don't recall how much the coupon was for though.
  12. 40% off and the bag back is reasonable, IMO. The thing that freaked me out was mee4 saying they'd keep the bag. The only way they should be allowed to keep the bag is if they give you a full refund. :yes:
  13. Unfortunately that falls under normal wear and tear, and I doubt Coach will fix it :sad: