Is this related to the muse?

  1. :confused1:

    Is this YSL another version of the muse?

  2. I cannot find the name of this anywhere! Help!:sad:
  3. That is the Yse bag.

    It looks similar to the Muse, but it is not exactly the same. The lines are quite different. I wasn't nearly as impressed with that bag in person as I am online. Love the pictures, but Im glad I ended up with the ivory Muse. : )
  4. Oh, Thank you so much!:yahoo:

    I'm torn between an OS muse in biscotto or this YSE in a greyish(?) color. But I'm definitely leaning towards the muse, even though it's a return and it doesn't have a dust bag...
  5. I don't know if you found the Yse on sale or not but NM online had (it isn't showing up as available anymore) it on sale for $848 rather than full price. Just soemthing you may want to know before spending all that money on it.

    Yves Saint Laurent -  Yse Bag -  Neiman Marcus
  6. What are the other colors of the Yse bag?
  7. i can't believe that I missed this bag on sale. I've been looking at it forever!
  8. They had it at Bergdorf in a gold metallic.