Is this redundant?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I would much appreciate your opinion if you think I should do this. I have a Tivoli GM and have recently lusted after the Galliera PM in mono. Do you think that would be too ridiculous to buy the Galliera as I already own the Tivoli? My other bags that I own are a Manhatten GM, Damier ebene Trevi Pm and an amarante Summit Drive. Thanks so much for your advice!!
  2. Well, not really. If you love the Galliera then go for it.
  3. If you really want it and love it then go for it. Bags are never enough!LOL
  4. Go for it !Enjoy I think its a different bag that you'll enjoy and it will work with your collection.
  5. I have both and they are totally different styles ~ so not redundant at all ... go for it! You'll love the Galliera!
  6. I don't find it redundant, because IMO they are very different bags and you can't compare them... and a girl can never have enough bags :biggrin:
  7. go for it!
  8. I think they're very different - go & enjoy!
  9. nope, they're two totally different bags. the galliera is gorgeous
  10. i say go for both!
  11. ITA...each makes it's own statement!
  12. Go for it!... One can never have too much LV:tender:
  13. :goodpost:
  14. Absolutely not, they are completely different bags ! :yes:
  15. If you love it go for it!!!