Is this Receipt legit? From Italy.

  1. Hi guys. I just bought a PM Noir on Tradesy. And the copy of the receipt she sent obviously didn't include everything as you can see. But is this a typical receipt from Italy? I've never seen one. IMG_1494273693.266006.jpg
  2. I bought all of my LV handbags in Europe ( France, Spain, Austria) but never seen this kind of receipt, they usually have the Louis Vuitton head letter.
  3. I would think it should have an LV letterhead if it's an official LV receipt
  4. I've never received a receipt from LV like that before. I could give a list of the differences, but your best bet to determine whether the bag itself is genuine would be to have it authenticated.
  5. She told me she is going to send the full receipt that she didn't realize she left most of it off.
  6. I'm sorry there are too many red flags. Also the total is '0.00?'
  7. I know!
  8. I've gotten EU receipts before, never Italy but from Ireland and Amsterdam. None of my receipts have looked like that....neither have my US ones. Sorry I think that is a fake receipt, especially bc of the total?
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  9. Have you posted pics of the bag in the authentication thread? Tradesy is very good about refunds if an item is misrepresented or fake in my experience. Good luck & please let us know!
  10. Maybe it is an exchange, the price is the same so the balance is 0.
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  11. I did post it. Waiting for a response. Honestly, the bag looks legit to me. It's just the weird receipt that is throwing me off.
  12. That's true! Good point!
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  13. I asked her to email me the receipt tonight and still nothing so I filed a misrepresentation claim since you only have 4 days to do so. I am so bummed about this.
  14. This is some kind of Copy?
    My invoice from Rome and Milan looks a little bit different, but not too much
  15. She is sending me the full receipt. Yes it's a copy. But I think it's fake. Do you have the Noir? I can tell my the made in France tag that it's fake.
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