Is this reason enough to return baby cabas...

  1. I just picked up my black baby cabas from NM and I'm somewhat disappointed. First, no box. They said they don't keep boxes that big...ummm OK. Then, when I get to my car to really check out the bag, I noticed the Chanel auth. card does not match the halogram sticker inside the purse. That's 2 strikes. Also the price tag was not attached and the CC medallion was already unwrapped. This bag looks like it was a return.

    OK am I being unreasonable? :confused1:I really want a black cabas, but maybe I should return this and wait for the fall shipment.
  2. No I don't think you're being unreasonable. I usually don't get too bothered be little things, but I think this would bother me. Why would they lie and say they don't have boxes that big??? Then give you the wrong authenticity card? Uhhh oookay! What do they think you're stupid and wouldn't notice? I think it was a return too... maybe you should return it if it bothers you. I would.
  3. I say return it. You should get everything that go with the bag.
  4. i would feel devastated to return the bag although it bothers me. but i would complain and demand for the box and the right auth card! i won't mind bout the plastic on the medallion though.
  5. the only thing that brothers me about it is the sticker doesn't match the authenticity card. so I would return because of that. I also did not receive a box nor was the plastic on the medallion still attached.
  6. I didn't get a box. I have seen the box for another cabas, it was huge. So I understand why there is no box. But I will return the bag since the stiker # and card# dont match. I am sorry to hear that. I will be devasted if this happened to me. btw I got mine yesterday and I think my#s match...well...need to go home double check.:sweatdrop:
  7. Yes they do keep boxes that big because I have ordered 2 huge bags from NM and they both came w/the ginormous white box.

    If the card doesn't match the authencity card, I'd return it. I'm extremely picky about my bags and if I received a bag w/no box and the wrong card was in the bag, I'd definitely return it. Chanel bags are expensive and if you're not completely happy with it, you should return it. My boutique has 20 black and 10 khaki cabas bags on order for fall. If you paid the new price, you should return it and wait for a *new* one that you'll be completely happy with. :yes: G'luck w.your decision and you are not being unreasonable at all!
  8. Thanks for all the opinions. The box issue doesn't really bother me, but I would expect the auth. card and sticker to match. I'll probably end up taking it back.
  9. I would too. And who knows? If you ever decide thatyou want to sell it or something, the buyer would be wary too.
  10. Hope you have already left to return it and not still thinking about it.:tup:

    The box - I might have let slide - but the auth. card and holo not matching - no way.:nogood:

    You should get what you pay for - or a darn good discount !!! :cursing:
  11. If you paid the new price, you should return it and wait for a *new* one that you'll be completely happy with. :yes: G'luck w.your decision and you are not being unreasonable at all![/quote]

    sorry..but what is the new price? 1795?? and what store do you work at??? thanks!!
  12. yeah. you should return it specially if the authenticity card does not match the hologram sticker. for me that is very important. i usually does not too care about the box.
  13. Molly take it back. If the authenticity card didn't match the hologram it was definitely a returned bag. Make them hunt a new one down for you.
  14. I would definitely return it.
  15. ^^
    The new price is 1995.00 for the baby cabas and 2195.00 for the *larger* baby cabas.