Is this really calfskin?

  1. I got my first non-metallic spy yesterday--the honey/tan with flowers (commonly but perhaps mistakenly called Wisteria) and I can't believe the softness of the leather!!! As if I should have ever doubted my fellow pursebloggers--shame on me:shame: . I just love the leather now, and I understand from reading some of the threads it's because it's lambskin; that the only calfskin ones are one or both of the tan lizard-look ones with the blue or purple handles.

    Anyway, this one says calfskin. I'm thinking that's wrong. Anyone want to chime in?

    Fendi*-* Spy Classic Satchel*-* Neiman Marcus
  2. ^their description is wrong. I don't think that's too unusual for NM or Saks websites. I've seen many wrong descriptions, like wrong measurements, materials, general descriptions, etc. just human error. It's definitely lambskin.

    And congrats on your wisteria spy! you also have the velvet squirrel, don't you?
  3. What a wonderful collection of spys you have. The Wisteria is really beautiful. Congrats and enjoy your new bag.
  4. Thanks for confirming what I thought about the lambskin vs. calfskin. I do have a lot of spys now...this has been my "handbag year"! I'm going to have to stop spending money, though. And someday when I learn how to use a digital camera I really do intend to take pictures and post them.

    I did have the black velvet squirrel at one time, but I returned it...I really agonized over seemed that maybe it wouldn't be as practical, and I didn't care for the velvet handles. Of course, now I think I made a foolish mistake returning it, since I lost the shipping charges, which were considerable, and since it's no longer available!! :::sigh:::it will always be "the one that got away". It was so pretty--the spy purse and external leather was glitttery purple.

    But now that you mention it...that squirrel spy was described by NM as suede, but unless "suede" can be a man-made material, it clearly (to me) was velvet; also, when I e-mailed NM about care instructions, they wrote back that the only info. they had on the bag was that it was an 80/20 percent cotton-polyester blend--(I'm afraid I forget which was the greater percentage)--but in my mind, that's not suede. It certainly didn't feel like suede. (It still felt divine, though!)

    Oh, but it was gorgeous--sparkled like the night sky. :crybaby: