Is this really a Frankie?

  1. That looks like a Sienna.

    THIS is a Frankie in bourbon below:
  2. I think it is a Frankie, although a very squashed one. Look at the top of the handles and they do appear to be rolled like the Frankie's is. Bad bad pictures.

    I don't know. I look again and the handles appear to be too long to be a Frankie. Maybe it's a Frienna!!!! or a Sankie!:nuts:
  3. I DO see the rolled handles like a Frankie should have. It is squashed flat though, like a pancake.

    The description says it has two zippered compartments, so it must be a Frankie. Oh and down lower in the auction it says...'bid with confidence!'. With those pics, who could do so?

    I would merely ask the seller to verify. If that is a Frankie you might get a good deal.
  4. No, I'm pretty sure that is a Sienna.
  5. Holy cow, which is it??

    It is a some strange clone from Lexie's dream sequence.
  6. Well I mailed the seller so hopefully we'll get this mystery solved!
  7. It's a Sienna! She mailed me back. Now I'm really going to pay attention to it..I LOVE that leather.
  8. Glad that is cleared up. Have you found all the bourbon Siennas on eBay? I seem to think I saw quite a few in the last few days. But you might get this one cheap because the pics suck for air! LOL
  9. I look about 5 times a day. :p I've seen them all including that poor, beat up Sienna. I'll pass on that one though. But I'm eying the others and watching for the best deal! I probably should've just shut up about the Frankie/Sienna thing! I might've gotten it cheap, but who knew what it would've been really?
  10. Grace, if you want it, make a best offer as it is obvious that seller doesn't know what she has.
  11. You know I thought about that and while I probably should do that, I'm going to wait it out, or at least wait another day. I sure don't NEED it, lol, and maybe my impulse will die down when Gustto arrives.