Is this REALLY a Campeggio?


    Or is this a mislabled Cucciolo? I'm thinking of picking it up, but it looks ginorous! D:

    AND I NEED ADVICE. Out of the four new styles (Famiglia, Tutti which I hate XD, Transporto, and Vacanze) which do you gals think would look best on a Campeggio? I think Vacanze would look nice broken up, but can I wear it in say, July?

    And is Vacanze selling through retailers? I remember reading something that it isn't...

  2. I think Trasporto for a Campeggio, because it's small & looks ok broken up. (I want to get that style/print combo.) but Vacanze might also when its out. And that picture does look like a Cucciolo, but it's the Campeggio price listed (and likely you'd receive a Campeggio). And Vacanze for everything, and year-round.
  3. You don't think it'd look a little silly with a winter themed bag in summer, though....? I mean, I'm kinda torn between a Transporto Campeggio and a Vacanze Campeggio. >.<
  4. i like the trasporto for this style.
  5. Yup it is really a Campeggio. I just ordered that same bag (and the Trasporto Bambinone too) from Karmaloop today. :smile:
  6. No.:p
    I want a few bags in Vacanze and will carry them no matter the weather. I'd carry Spiaggia in winter also. I know some other people on here won't carry a wintery bag in warmer weather, but I think that is silly. Why spend so much on a bag if you won't carry it all the time? But that's just my opinion. :yes:

    Also, I really like Trasporto for the Campeggio. You could always get the Trasporto Campeggio now, and then when Vacanze comes out decide between them if you can't keep both. :shrugs:
  7. Wait, what? THE CAMPEGGIO IS THAT BIG? It looked much smaller in the reference photos!
  8. It's a campeggio - no mesh on sides.
  9. The Campeggio is like a Stellina on steroids... and the Cucciolo needs it's own zip code! :lol:

  10. it's a campeggio. the cucciolo doesn't have the leather trim on the bottom w/ the rivets. :p
  11. This is a good question, I'm so confused! On this picture and the bag reference thread picture it looks waaaaaay big (of course bubblesung looks to be pretty small :heart:), but on other reference pics I've seen it looks smaller? I wonder if it's the size of the person or the fact that some of the pics have the top kinda smushed in so it looks smaller... I'm sure they all look smaller without anything in them.
  12. Ahhh, there's mesh on the diaper bag. That does look huge.. it looks bigger than my L'amore Campeggio, but that felt huge when I wore it for the first time recently (but I am used to smaller bags)
  13. I've seen kids in my school with what i think are Campeggios...and they aren't that huge. Like, lol, I can't go to school with that! XD It's too big! Could anyone post a reference pic of them with their campeggio? I know there are reference pics up already, but like someone already said, Bubblesung looks tiny, so the bags seem bigger on her.
  14. Personally, my vote goes for a Trasporto in Campeggio because of the smaller print, it doesn't get broken up as much as with the larger themed prints. I have a Campeggio Trasporto and :love: it!

    camp1.jpg camp2.jpg
  15. Your Campeggio is really cute! I can't wait to get mine! I saw that it has already shipped which is awesome.