Is this real please help!!!!

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  1. This site looks legit.

    You can do a search and see there have been posts about them.

    Or you can post the link to the bag you purchased in the appropriate Authenticate This subforum to be certain.
  2. Please dont post the same thing all over the forum, one thread is enough, you will definitely get answers ;)
  3. well ok maybe I wont repost, but today is my first and I appreaciat your answers. I still dont know how to navagate this thingy.:blush:
  4. Which bag did you purchase and I'll post the link for authentication

  5. Thanks for gettin back and answering.:tup::heart:
  6. ^^

    It could be an error in the listing. I don't think that it's evidence enough to claim the site isn't "genuine".
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    looks like it, in some posts ive read alot of tpfers has bags bought frmo there, i honestly dont know, mayb some1 wit xperience on it would tell us.. i found a few posts talkin bout it, HTH but ALWAYS authenticate on the forum.
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    this is just refernce meaning that it can be safe or not but it has been safe for some, do a search ull find it in many posts if it wasnt an acceptable website they wouldve close thread or claim it unreal. good luck too bad i cant help u more cuz i have no xperience in these stores as much.

  8. woa so is legit sometimes that good to kno! i posted post too late lol im glad u found the answer cuz i was curious.
  9. I talked to them saturday, I said I would get an attorney if I cant get a refund. she gurantee me it's real and also said I get a double refund if it's not. they with the bbb waiting on their certificate from them.