Is this real? (never seen this color)

  1. Apologies in advance for starting a new thread, i was not sure where to post this.

    This may be weird but today's the first time i've heard of stylebop and my DH thinks I'm the shopping queen and wants to delete all my shopping apps. Anyway I saw this pair in the link and i love the color but i've not ever seen it anywhere else. Is this real? Where else might I find this color (it's sold out)!

    Thank you TPF lovelies!
  2. I've shopped at stylebop before, German ecommerce site I think. No issues.

    I have seen this color, on bags tho, from s/s 18 collection. Would make sense they'd have shoes to match.
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  3. ^thank you for helping me out with your response! I've never seen the color in my city but then I don't really follow Valentino in detail so maybe they release colors in certain regions only. Hopefully I find that color somewhere soon! :smile:
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