Is this price right?

  1. I'm fairly new to the diamond and jewellery sector lol. I was lookinga t some rings for my bday. I went to a store and found two i liked, but there was a huge gap in caret weight but not much in price. both wg 18 k

    1st had 2 small diamonds totaling .13, the were tension set on an angle, the band was matte on the left and shiny on the right. With current 'sale' (i think the price was inflated to be reduced) it is Au $980. They also said they do cash discounts but its not very much.

    the 2nd ring was two small brushed bands of wg, equally distanced around was 8 diamonds (totaling .5) in a tension set, like wide spaced eternity ring. The price for this is Au $1070 they SA gave me an extra 5% of because it was the right fit ring, again they will offer a cash discount on top. obviously for the price gap this one has more value, but is it still overpriced I'm not familiar with what is good and bad pricing with diamonds?
  2. There are other factors that affect price like cut, color, and clarity of the diamonds, but assuming average characteristics those prices are definitely too high.
  3. I know that those factors do come into the equation, the sa mentioned that they are good quality diamonds (and it is a reputable store) i thought it would be tedious to ask the individual quality of each diamond considering its minuscule size.
  4. Well quality def should be taken into account, but those prices seem outrageous :shrugs:
  5. the prices are in Aussie dollars if it makes much of a difference so in US$ the 1st would be: $795 and the second: $870 roughly
  6. Well the first ring is made up of two pretty small diamonds, about 0.065ct each so $795 USD is definitely unwarranted. I am sure they cost the jeweller veeery little. The second ring is the more "worth it" of the two.