Is this price a mistake????

  1. Wow! That's cute and a great price. Did you check the dimensions? Maybe it's very small?
  2. Mistake. It's $790 on and unless they have the wrong photo and wrong description
  3. I ordered it...we'll see what happens. The dimensions say 16X10X7
  4. That is a great bargain. I know if they listed the wrong price and sold you an item for the lower price then that's what they charge you. I really doubt that they are going to come back to you later and tell you that they were supposed to charge you the higher price and charge you more.
  5. wow, that would be a great price. let us know how this turns out. :smile:
  6. ^^^Yeah, I'm curious to find out myself!
  7. Hi Gals! Looks like the bag is "no longer available." Hopefully, they honor the listed price. That would be such a score!
  8. ^ yeah, i've seen that, too. was too good to be true.
  9. What a great deal! I am so jealous, I want one for that price! :sad:
  10. You people who got the bags were at the right place and time. I never run into mstakes like that.

    Congrats, though. :biggrin:
  11. so proud of you guys, great finds!!