Is this preloved worth it?

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  1. Very true.
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  2. I have two real Louis Vuitton bags and just bought my first preloved Boulogne 30 from 1999 on ETSY. Has any one had success with
    purchasing from ETSY ? Thanks n advance for the commments.
  3. What about a discontinued piece? The Boulogne30 ?
  4. I wouldn’t buy from someone on Etsy, but if you do, please get the bag authenticated first.
  5. Classic Speedy is so amazing to buy in resale market but Speedy B is so tough. I would get it new.
  6. only other advantage I could think of would be using the layaway option. I think fashionphile is trippin with a lot of their prices being over retail for products that aren't even new. But people buy them so obviously there's a market.
  7. Just curious -why is this?