Is this preloved worth it?

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  1. Maybe tax? But if you’re buying a $1400 bag what’s an extra $200.
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  2. No judgement at all my dear just trying figure out the rational behind why you would even consider this bag. And seriously for a first purchase at this cost over retail I would definitely get the boutique experience. Hmm all these so called perks you think you are getting from this site you can have the same and more with LV. As I believe someone posted above this bag has a three part strap any way - also comes with the lock and two keys. As far as an extra dust bag? What is the need? Never the less if you asked for one at LV I am sure they would give you one (heck I'd give you one) - even a duster for your strap. So that would be three dust bags! You may even get some perfume samples. Don't let these sites and their so called perks get you! Go buy a new one and get the full buying experience.
  3. I didn't see it from that viewpoint..makes all the sense in the world
    Yes! The taxes being adding to the final price was also one of the reasons I considered fashionphile..but as everyone stated..what's an extra $150-200 at this point.
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  4. You will still pay sales tax through Fashionphile. Buy from the store...these bags are way overpriced.
  5. hahaha they almost did get me! You are totally right. Something told me to come here and ask you experts before I made my next move. I cannot thank everyone enough for their input. The anxiety of which one to get has vanished. I'm going to revisit the store this weekend and make it happen once and for all. Thank you again!!
  6. I am not sure where you are, but I paid $1550 for a new one which included tax. Although I like fashionphile, with this bag they are trying to cash in on the fact that it has not been available on the website for a while. I did check the LV website just now, and it is available. As others have said, I would definitely buy this bag new. The one on fashionphile is almost two years old, and although it looks to be in good condition, you are certainly not saving any money.
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  7. Well make sure you share when you receive!
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  8. lolol I kinda feel obligated to do so since everyone has been so helpful. Will do!
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  9. Oh I'm in Florida..yeah that's about the same price I saw. When I went into the store weekend before last the SA said the speedy 30s and the speedy b's were hard to come by with the holidays. I was just going to order it online and have it delivered to the store.
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  10. Your bag is available right now online. :smile:

    The DE is also available.
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  11. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a preloved bag at a lower price point, many of us have done it. But even the second option you showed us seems overpriced.
    Since this is your first bag, I recommend getting it new. It helps to be in LV’s system for repairs, or later when you’re searching for specific items or favors.
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  12. When I took my first plunge, I definitely wanted the boutique experience! Since then, I have purchased preloved for discontinued items I like and had great deals, but most SLGs I want brand new and hot stamped! Happy shopping! And keep coming here, you lesrn so much and can live vicariously thru others w/o going to Ban Island.
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  13. I agree with everyone’s comment - I think if you are able to - I would purchase new and get the full LV experience.
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  14. Depends on what state it's shipping to as to whether or not tax is charged.
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  15. Yes, but if you live in a state without sales tax, you wouldn’t pay tax by buying new from Louis Vuitton either
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