Is this preloved worth it?

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  1. *waves* Good evening everyone! I'm a long time lurker and admirer of all of you who own these gorg pieces! Had to create an account to ask you all a question. So I'm thisclose to buying my first LV which I'm ecstatic about but I have a question first because I get a little anxiety when making such a huge purchase.

    I've decided on the speedy 30B. There's a "new" preloved on fashionphile..this is it.

    The price is the exact same as buying a brand new one from LV's website. My question is is it worth the price considering the extras it comes with to purchase it on fashionphile instead? The extras being the strap extender, box and 2 dust bags instead of 1. If it's not worth it, I'll stick with another speedyB that's in excellent hopefully both pieces are still there tomorrow.

    I'd really appreciate any insight anyone can give me. Thank you!!
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  2. No. The 3 piece strap already comes with speedy b. So does a box and dust bag. Buy it new.
  3. No. At that price, buy it brand new.
  4. Buy it new! The 2nd dustbag is the fashionphile dustbag
  5. No! Definitely buy new!! Strap extender comes with all Speedy Bs!
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  6. No. Buy new from store, there’s no real savings here. The two dust bags are probably the one for the bag and the one for the padlock. The strap comes in three pieces, that’s standard for this style.
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  7. I agree with everyone to buy it new also., that way you are in the LV system and if there’s an issue with it they can help you. There’s no real advantage to purchase preloved on Fashionphile for the same price that you can purchase from LV directly. You also have the advantage to look your bag over and make sure it’s perfect for you. Fashionphile may take good pics, but it’s not the same as picking it in the boutique.
  8. I agree with all the above. Not worth the price. Buy new.
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  9. I knew you all would come to my rescue!! Thank you all. Its a unanimous vote lol.
    So does the strap extender come with LV's speedyb automatically? The way fashionphile includes it like its an extra accessory makes me wonder if thats actually the case.

    I was also looking at this one one as a this worth the price difference?
    Buying brand new is option C for me lol.. this one i just linked is B option. Thank ya'll again!
  10. Definitely buy new at that price
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  11. I’m not sure what fashionphile is referring to. The speedy b automatically comes with a three piece strap. If you use all 3 pieces it’s longer and good for crossbody. If you use 2 pieces it’s not crossbody and can be used as a shoulder strap. It seems fashionphile is not giving you anything extra other than an extra dustbag. Buy it new. You will get a box, dust bag and the 3 piece strap that comes with it. And the bag will be brand spankin new.
  12. May I ask OP a question? Why would you buy preloved a this price instead of new? I am trying to understand the reasoning for people who consider purchasing at this price instead of just buying new? I don’t understand as this is not a bag that is discontinued and it definitely is not discounted? Please help me understand?
  13. OP here. So here's part of the listing for the first one
    Comes With: strap extender, strap, 2 dust bags, box, lock, 2 keys

    In my head I'm like " comes with a strap extender..I'm assuming that doesn't come with the purchased new bag. I assume the purchased from LV bag only comes with 1 dust bag..this one has maybe it's worth purchasing it from fashionphile because you're getting more with this bag than buying it brand new for the same price. I'm assuming the dust bag and strap extender are worth enough to justify buying it used. I see it's definitely not so I'm 1000% glad I checked here first.

    Now I'm not sure of anyone else's reasoning..but that's what's going on in my scattered brain lol. Don't judge me it's my first purchase!
  14. So the 3rd piece IS the strap extender. SMH I'm so glad my paranoia drove me here to ask ya'll first. Thank you!!
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  15. My opinion is if it’s not a discontinued item then buy new if you can..... and IF you decide to go preloved get it authenticated first
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