Is this Prairie Satchel Pebble Leather?

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  1. image.png Hi everyone. I ordered this bag from the coach outlet sale and I keep going back to look at it and it looks like it's pebble leather. I do not like pebble leather. I have 2 pebble leather coach bags that have transferred colour and look awful now and I never want another one again. I called coach just now and the rep said if it was pebble it would say. She didn't seem to know but I look up this bag and some sites say it is pebble leather. The coach sale says printed leather. I don't know if that's any better or not. This makes me sad . I haven't bought a new bag in a year because the Canadian dollar has sucked but I thought I would splurge and go for it and now I think I have gotten a bag I will hate and paid customs and duty on it. Not happy the Coach rep couldn't help. If anyone has some insight, that would be great! Thanks!
  2. It's been awhile since i have seen that bag in store but i do believe it's pebbled. Very pretty and vibrant in person.

    What bags did you have trouble with? are they lighter colors?
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    sorry glitched and double posted.
  4. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    I have those two bags and you can see the colour transfer. On the carryall it was much worse but I managed to get a lot of it off because it was a dark pink. Not the purple bag though . I don't know if pebble leather with print is any different though.
  5. I don't think it is... the lighter colored one, unfortunately those in that shade tend to be more prone to color transfer, the purple scout i am more surprised at, have you spoken with Coach cs in regards to these issues? when did you buy them?

    Generally speaking, pebbled is a good choice for daily wear, doesn't scratch as easily and offers some softness/flexibility... water resistant too.
  6. I bought the carryall a year ago and the purple one in September last year. I only carried the carryall for a few months. Same with the purple one. I never thought to contact coach about it. When I spoke with the rep last night and mentioned that I had 2 pebble leather coach bags with colour transfer that I hated, she said nothing. I was pretty annoyed that she could not tell me that the prairie satchel was in fact a pebble leather bag. How do I prevent this new one from doing this? I walk to work every day so I know why it does this, it's rubbing against my coat or body when I walk because I wear them crossbody.
  7. Have you tried alcohol free baby wipes to remove the color transfer? They always work for me, even removed denim transfer on a cream colored swagger. I then put a bit of coach moisturizer on after.
  8. Okay, i believe the issue with the prairie is it's only listed as 'Printed leather' the reps can only go by the info provided, a bit ago there was a big issue about the Peanuts release for the factory store, they described a few items as being calf leather, only for them to turn out to be coated canvas.

    As for preventing/reducing color transfer.. i know certain clothing releases dye more easily than others, my oldest daughter has a bennett satchel in a neon pink she got denim transfer on..

    Harley 77 made a suggestion on the baby wipes, i have no experience with doing this though, but would recommend a search many threads exist on the topic with great suggestions from those who have been there done that.

    Good luck!
  9. Thank you so much for your replies. I am going to try the baby wipes, I have those on hand because I have a toddler.

    I got the bag today and I love it, I am going to keep it and cross my fingers that it works out for me because I don't want to return it lol!
  10. It is a really nice bag! i have seen it a few times in person, such a vibrant color and print.. perfect for for spring/summer. Enjoy!
  11. It is a really nice bag! i have seen it a few times in person, such a vibrant color and print.. perfect for for spring/summer. Enjoy!
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