Is this possible?

  1. I really don't want to get pregnant again but my husband has been begging me, he literally cries:wtf: because he says he wants to have his baby not a guaranteed we are going to conceive a boy..Can fertility doctors make that happen? ..just wondering..
  2. I think you should just explain to him that you don´t want to have another child..just my opinion.

    I saw something on the matter of choosing a sex of the baby on a Dr phil episode. I think it´s possible.
  3. yes, but I'm sure it's very expensive.
    Check out the Shettles method, you can learn how to make conceiving a boy more probable.
  4. sounds interesting....:graucho:
  5. It is possible to see a fertility specialist to select the sex of your child, although there are only a few doctors out there focusing on this. It's an ethical issue and many doctors don't want to get involved.
  6. Yes, it is possible but from what I have read and understand it is very expensive. Look into what Swanky recommended to you - I've heard of this method before and it sounds pretty interesting!
  7. Yes but there is no guarantee. Certain fertility treatments will only increase the chance of having a baby of a desired gender - eg. sorting your DH's sperms. There is also a very expensive way - well, no guarantee if you get pregnant this way ... you go through IVF, and do Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), and only put in embryos that are boys. As with everything else in life, you are dealing with the downside of this - you may not get pregnant at all and will have wasted tens of thousands, or you may get pregnant with more than 1 boy. There is much debate on all of these practices and not all fertility doctors provide the services due to ethical and religious concerns.
  8. I was looking into this for my fourth child, because I want a girl so badly. But plans have changed since I had a boo boo, and now my 4th will be born soon! But it's called Micro-Sort. What it is, is invetro with the option of choosing the sex of the baby. They pick only the healthiest sperm/eggs, and they do extensive testing for genetic abnormalities. We were going to do this, and I was so excited about it. It does not seem too expensive, but it's between 3-6 thousand per shot, and they want to implant no less than 3 embryos in you. (so you could have twins, etc). you can check it out here.

    Hope this helps.

    Also, if you check for fertility specialists in your area, they usually have a rate for "Family Balancing"

    Good Luck!