Is this possible?? Mon and Michele Please, answer

  1. As you know I bought a bag from eBay. Until now I haven't got the bag yet. Today seller replied my mail and her statement is as follow:

    Hi - I can ask my son to deliver the bag to you today if you like. I have the original chanel boutique receipt of which I am happy to give you a copy. I probably have the card somewhere, but i'm not absolutely certain. I shall have a good look for it and put it inside the bag when I find it. I have sold a couple of other Chanel bags I no longer used on eBay in the past and one buyer, who after having damaged the bag took it to chanel on bond street to be repaired, sent me an email saying I had to take the bag in for her as my name came up on the computer when the hologram was scanned. I was then advised by my sales assistant to partially cut off the leather tag with the sticker, leaving only the stub to prove the bag is authentic. Then Chanel are not able to make a fuss about who the owner of the bag is and who has to be present to send it in for repairs etc.
    Please let me know when you'd like the bag delivered and thanks for your email.

    Is that possible? Should I cancel the transaction? coz The is no way to authenticate the bag now. I am not that expert to know without hologram the bag is authentic or not???

    What do you think about it?:crybaby:
  2. I did send a 2-month old bag for repair before and my Chanel SA at SCP didn't look at/mention anything about the hologram whatsoever! What if this is a gift bought and sent to you by a friend who lives on the other side of the country?? If it needs to be repair you can't take it for repair yourself but only your friend could?? I don't know, this sounds fishy to me. I know SA sometime asks for the original receipt when you take a bag for repair, but that has nothing to do with the hologram sticker!
  3. I'm not Mon or Michele but what a LOAD OF CRAP that lady is spewing!!!!!!!!!!

    The hologram sticker on the inside is not recorded when you purchase a Chanel bag (ie, they dont write down the number and associate it with your name) so I dont know wth that lady is talking about. I've never had any problems with bringing in my Chanel bags for repair, in fact, I brought in a bag that was purchased by my mom and they repaired it just fine!

    Is there a Chanel boutique near you?? Maybe you and the son can go to the boutique together to get it authenticated
  4. ^ yea, go to the chanel boutique with the son, I don't trust that seller based on what she said too. The number on the hologram sticker is never shown on the receipt.

    Chanel only writes down the number of each piece of fine jewelry/watch on the warranty booklet.
  5. I can't believe that seller would have the nerve to write that - please!! The hologram is not linked to anyone's name. DO NOT ACCEPT THE BAG, and if you paid, do a chargeback.

    What she wrote, does not even make any sense. What about all the Chanels purchased as gifts for someone else.
  6. This is her previous e-mail to me:

    "The bag was purchased from the Chanel boutique, so it is clearly not a copy. I have never owned a fake, let alone sold one and can assure you the bag is genuine."

    But the bag looks great and better to be fake. Anyway, I go back to read the description, seller never mentioned "AUTHENTIC" word in her auction.

    Do I have the right not to pay for the bag? Is it worth to get a negative feedback? :crybaby:

    I am waiting for so long for this bag but so disappointed with seller reply. :crybaby: Chanel Cambon Black & Beige quilted tote bag/purse (item 120062686815 end time 13-Dec-06 21:00:00 GMT)

  7. I agree with what everyone has posted so far. Chanel does not track your purchase by the hologram/authenticity number. I'd back out of the transaction and risk the negative.
  8. I agree too! GET OUT of this transaction!
    Did you see her first comment, something about it being relisted to someone else not paying? Hmmmm, wonder why!? Maybe they were onto her too!

    How'd you pay, specifically?
    Paypal w/ credit card or what?
  9. I will be collect item by person and I would give her cash. I offered her that I will pick it up by myself coz I just wonder about the authenticity of this item as after 2 e-mails asked about the hologram. Once she responded she never used fake and second mail said the hologram cut out from the bag.

    Now I have sent her an e-mail asking for the brand of zipper ( which should be make by LAMPO? --- is it?) and tell her hologram doesn't link with personal info. to her and still waiting for the answer.
  10. Thank you hikarupanda,mello_yello_jen,MICHELE,MON and Swanky for all your helps.

    I am very appreciated it!

    I feel so lucky to found this site.

    I just bought 2LVs and a CHANEL bag so I have no more budget left for my dream cambon tote so I went to eBay. I could not pay nearly a thousand pound for cambon bag this time.

    I won this bag only 390 pounds and I felt so lucky that I have won the auction. This bag looks authentic to me in the auction. I began to wonder about authentic after 2 e-mails sent to ask about hologram but seller first e-mail said that she never used fake and second told me that the hologram was cut out by a redicurous reason like you know. It makes me sure now bag tend to be FAKE!

    I just sent an e-mail to seller asking for the brand of ZIPPER (which should be LAMPO brand?????) and I do tell her that hologram didn't link with any personal info. and I'm still waiting for her reply.

    My mom always said that ** nothing good and cheap **

    To swanky:

    Last time she ended the auction early before listing end and no any non-paying buyers.
  11. Agree with mello and hikaru...I have taken plenty of bags to Chanel for repair and they don't scan the serial number. Sounds like a big fish story.
  12. Don't pay. If you ever want to resell the bag, it will be very hard with the hologram removed. I've been on ebay a long time and I'd take a negative first. Although she probably won't even leave a negative, because you could leave a negative right back on her feedback.
  13. yupyup, i'd say back out and tell her you suspect the bag is a fake based on her statement regarding the hologram and that you will not pay. if she give you a negative feedback maybe you could contact ebay and explain to them so they can investigate? even if i would get a negative feedback, i would rather get that than loosing my hard earn money KNOWING that the origin of this bag is questionable and suspicious!
  14. I will e-mail her after she repond and will no longer deal with her. Thank you!:yes:
  15. Glad that you are able to avoid getting into the whole mess of charge-back, dispute, asking for refund etc.

    how I :heart: this forum!!!