Is this poor craftsmanship or a handmade characteristic?

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  1. I need every lady's opinion on this because it bugs me and I guess it is better to have a neutral opinion here. Is this [FONT=&quot]Hermès Kelly just poorly made and there is clear asymmetry or I am just crazy and I should get over it. Please vote!

    P.S. Before anyone says anything, it is real.

  2. Bee...Bee: Why don't you try the Hermes forum. I'll bet you will get some really great answers to your question.
  3. For starters, it's not that noticeable to me. I wouldn't have seen it if you hadn't pointed it out. I can't say whether it's due to poor craftsmanship or a characteristic of being handmade. I imagine that a bag that is made by hand isn't going to be as perfect as a machine made bag. I think it's really up to you. If it bothers you a lot, then you have to make the decision to keep the bag or not. Personally, I think the bag is gorgeous either way.
  4. It could be the way it's propped up. Maybe one side is just not perfectly straight in the picture so it looks [FONT=&quot]asymmetrical. If you had the bag, you could measure the sides and use a protractor to see if the angles are the same at the corners.
  5. It's beautiful.....I think you should get over it and enjoy it, it really looks fine to me. If you can't then sell it and buy something that you love and you will use.

  6. I don't think it's noticeable unless you're looking for it...and it's sooooo beautiful, I would have to keep it if I were you...I don't usually like Hermes bags but this one is lovely...maybe it's the colour? I couldn't have one though, I get grubby just standing still in white!!
  7. Can other ladies give me their opinions. I know there are 78 people who have read this thread and only 5 replies! I guess I'll hold out a little bit more before telling you why I am asking. So please keep it coming!
  8. What am I looking for? It looks perfect to me - I don't see any asymmetry.
  9. It is hard to tell from that picture if it really is asymmetrical or if it is just an odd angle. But, if it was noticably asymmetrical when looking at it in person, it would bother me. There is no way I'd pay that kind of money for less than perfection.
  10. I see the asymmetry...but, honestly I had to look for a bit before I could. If it's going to drive you crazy then exchange or return it. But, if you think about carrying it around and the bag not being scrutinized like we are doing to it then how noticeable is it? It's a nice bag and I agree with Compass Rose-- maybe ask the people on the Hermes forum as I am sure they have more (or any) experience with the bags and their craftsmanship. Good luck!
  11. Are the edges of the handles not even?
  12. There must be something wrong with my computer? because i'm not seeing any foto!
  13. ok, I must be blind, because I don't see the asymmetry either....but I agree with other posters: It doesn't matter what we think, when you pay good money for an Hermes, you should love it unconditionally! If you see the asymmetry and it bothers you, you should ask/wait for another....:yes:
  14. I'm in the minority here, but that would really bug me. At that price point I would expect perfection.
  15. I'm also thinking it might be the way the bag's positioned for the picture. If it's like that IRL, it would bug me if I paid all that money.
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