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  1. I was looking for a YSL Muse on eBay so I posted the bags I had seen on the Authenticate This YSL area. I saw on that thread that someone had asked some questions about a YSL "vintage" laptop sleeve which to me looked like a large clutch and was posted on Etsy. Once they received info stating it was authentic they did not move on it. I had previously seen that item and had not purchased it for the same reason (? of authenticity) once I saw that it was real and had not been bought ($40! a steal!) I went ahead and bought it right away. Only after did I wonder if this was breaking any form of TPF etiquette. Should I have left it for her, and given that I did not should I offer to resell it (on eBay or something) with prior notice being given to her?
  2. If you gave her a reasonable amount of time to act on it and she didn't, then by all means it is yours. Just because somebody authenticates something here, does not mean that it is "theirs". Besides, I am sure there were lots of other people eyeing it too :smile:
  3. It is seriously so adorable, I would be sad to see it go since i dont even have it in hand yet! But I would give it up if I had taken something someone else was so serious about. A year or so ago I bid on some vintage Justin boots for a long time then someone came along and bid 50 cents more than me at the last minute! Turns out she had seen my question on a leather forum asking about treating them and had poached my sale! In the end she resold them to me, but I paid a lot more than I would have if she had respected my original bids!
  4. I love browsing authentication threads and learning what I can....if you saw something that was confirmed authentic and went and got it I wouldn't give it a second thought, really. :yes:
  5. I agree. If you waited a reasonable amount of time and it was not acted upon, all's fair. I sometimes ask authentication questions, but I don't follow through on a purchase...for whatever reason. I wouldn't feel badly about this one. Nice of you to inquire, though!