Is this place reputable?

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    I saw that someone mentioned it, but I (obviously) know nothing about it. Unfortunately, they have a tote on there that is nearly identical to one I've been searching for everywhere!
  2. They're selling authentic items. I've been to their shop many times and their Chanel Items are really gorgeous!You can bargain with their price either too!
  3. I like their Chanel wallet, but I'm having doubt about authencity. I never heard this place before. Anyone else can give me advice?
  4. This shop is quite known here in Hong Kong. They sell a lot of second hand and brand new authentic handbags. I bought one from them before. It's a vintage Chanel for a very low price, with box and care card! Very beautiful! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    Oh yeah.. And if you want to buy something from them, don't forget to bargain. Offer them a lower price and I'm sure they'll agree with it! :roflmfao: