Is this piece of cloth worth $964.85 to you?

  1. Ladies, I sort of need your help to swing me into or away from this purchase. :upsidedown:

    Essentially I have been craving Chanel clothes but I have to limit myself to 4 RTW for S/S and 2 for A/W. I already have 4 from S/S so I'm at the limit but I've been craving this organza pseudo-dress and today I saw it again!

    I think (N.B. the word think :p) I'll have a lot of use for it because I've the dresses from the same collection that would go well with it and I will be wearing them when I go on holiday in St. Lucia, Carribean next week. I sort of don't want to break my quota and I am thinking the price they are charging for this is going too far but then I want, I want, I want!

    What do you ladies reckon? Should I get it or is it too much of a rip-off? BTW, I would have no problem plonking for the sequin white dress shift underneath even though it is more expensive at £1,550 ($2,990) because it is substantial but here we are talking about a negligee-type piece of cloth!
  2. Can't see anything? :confused1:
  3. Oh dear I messed up :p

    Here is the pic:
  4. it's a beautiful look but i wouldn't spend that much on it- no matter how much wear it would get. i think you can get a similar look for less that's not chanel but still as pretty...
  5. Bee Bee, I'm in your camp with loving Chanel clothes, but I honestly think this organza see-through shift would easily be knocked-off by some High Street shop in a matter of weeks. There is just nothing to this to even hint it was Chanel, even to those with a discerning eye. Now on holiday at St. Lucia, wouldn't you rather spring for a Missoni or Pucci number that's has local appeal with a nod to saavy chic. On my trips to Barbados, I've since stopped bringing my expensive clothes as my luggage always has gotten lost enroute to the Carribean and frankly, the style of dress even at the resorts are less chic.
  6. If you just talking the sheer mesh dress only. I think you can get a good seamtress to custom you one. Sorry, nothing really said chanel about it.
  7. I don't care for that personally.
  8. Not worth $964.85 at all! I agree with w-jade, a stunning Pucci pattern would be perfect for St. Lucia!!
  9. I say no, its nothing special. Hold out for something more substantial :yes:
  10. I'm sorry, I just don't find anything exciting about that dress. It would be cheaper to have it made or wait for h&m to come out with something similar!
  11. My parents work in the fashion district in NY so I literally grew up around there....and IMO,

    I can make that (the mesh coverling) for you for about $5 :yes: .

    Everything is relative, but I think this dress needs a whack of practicality!
  12. i happen to refused to buy designer clothes, i'm just not having a lot of amount of money to spent hundreds or thousand of dollars on something i can only wear like less than once a month :p
  13. I'd pass as well at that price!
  14. Sorry - a no for me. I would rather spend more $$ on a piece that is classic or that I would get more use out of.
  15. Cripes, I've a run in my, my, my hose, er dress. (sorry, for my humor noir.) But I have to agree with the other members. Something will float your boat that's worth the money. Hey, we're on the purse forum, so what about a timeless clutch. (There some really nice pieces, Act 1 I think, but you probably have them.)