Is this Petrol or Teal??

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  1. I'm confused - I scored (big time) at the outlet this weekend and purchased this gorgeous Lindsay Shopper - the tag says B4/P4 - this is Petrol, Yes?? Well it's not exactly Gray, but it's not exactly Teal (like the tdf Vintage wristlet that I also picked up!) Not to mention mine has light blue lining while ALL the Petrol #12475 on 'Bay have lilac lining!! What's the deal?? Here's some pics - Thanks so much for any input you've got for me. I've been contemplating a reveal - I've never done one and I may not be keeping all of it, so I'm not sure - but MAN I got some awesome stuff!!



  2. this is petrol. the gray has lilac lining i believe.
  3. From the price tag, looks to be Petrol.
  4. petrol for sure. Teal is more "greenish"...
  5. I own the gray, and yes it does have lilac.

    Beautiful bag! :tup:
  6. Check the color code on the tag.... Looks like there is a "P?" I can see on the tag in the pics. ...which would be petrol. The teal color code is "TE" and the teal bag does have blue lining.
  7. It's Petrol and she's a beauty ;)
  8. Well, I think everyone has answered your question, but just wanted to compliement you on such a beautiful bag! Congratulations on finding her.
  9. Yup, petrol, I had the teal, traded it for Espresso. But Petrol is a very pretty color too!! Welcome to the Lindsay club!
  10. P4=petrol
    If it was Teal, i'd be a LOT more bright turq. colored.

    to note, P4 also means Pear in the silver nail head bracelets too I think :0
  11. Gorgeous...what did you get her for?
  12. Beautiful. I didn't know Lindsay came in Petrol. Great find!
  13. OK - so you wonderful ladies confirmed what I already though - but I'm still wondering why all of the ones on 'Bay label "Petrol" have lilac lining. Are they all just labeled incorrectly or is there genuinely 2 diff color linings for Petrol Lindsays? And thank you all SO much for your fabulous responses!:smile:
  14. are you sure the ones with lilac lining aren't gray mislabled as petrol??:confused1:
  15. That's the only conclusion I can come too - I just needed some expert backup!!:P