Is this payment type reliable?

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  1. hi im going to buy a bag and the woman wants me to moneygram her the money then ship the same day, idk if thats the best way to do it though please help
  2. Why can't she just pay with paypal? I wouldn't trust it, but then again it may be legit. Just don't send the bag until you have cash in hand...
  3. I am reading your post that you are buying the bag and not selling it, but your post is a little confusing for me.

    I would not buy without going through Paypal. What if you don't get the bag or have any issue with it--what is your protection?

    I had an issue once with a bag that REEKED of mothballs. It was so overwhelming that you couldn't even walk into the room with being knocked over by the smell. I was able to get my money back after filing a dispute with paypal. I cringe to think what would have happened if I paid outside of Paypal.

    If this is your only option for payment, I would find another bag.
  4. ^I agree completely! You wont have no protection with moneygram.
  5. ok ill say to use paypal
  6. OP, You might want to post this in the Ebay forum. (Doesn't matter much which online site you are purchasing from.) The gals there have lots of experience and tons of great advice.
  7. If you are selling the bag TO HER, use moneygram. If you are buying, DON'T
  8. im buying the bag from her, so i guess i should use paypal...