Is this Patina or Dirt?

  1. I can't access the pic at work, but the handles usually darken a lot faster than the other parts of the bag, given dirt and oils from hands. Patina is a natural darkening like tanning, the "dirty residue" on vachetta in my experience looks grayish and if very dirty even black.
  2. The very top of the handles that are black is DIRT. I hate it when they get like that. I have heard that people use the Magic erasers with good luck. But you have to condition the handles after.

  3. That pic gives me the willies. :sick: I can't imagine using a bag to the extent that it would look like that.
  4. You could use the apple cleaner too which has conditioner in it.
  5. looks like dirt to me....... :oh:
  6. Thats just gross. I was on ebay trying to compare real one's to fake one's and that is a mypoupette seller's auction. Im just glad to know that if you take care of this bag it wont ever look like this.
  7. oh yuck! thats one of the reasons why i never take a hand-held bag while shopping...b/c my hands always feel grimy after! i'm so ocd about washing my hands! who would want to put their hands where someone else's *obviously* dirty hands have been? poor speedy!
  8. Gosh - those dark/dirty handles would truly bug me. I don't even know if I would sell mine on ebay if they looked like that.
  9. Yikes.... I wouldn't want to buy that and have my hands touch that.... wow! I can't believe someone would want one that dirty...
  10. That looks like dirt, not patina... especially compared to the rest of the bag. The handles don't darken THAT much more than the rest.
  11. It's a good starter speedy for someone who otherwise couldn't afford a new LV bag. I like that the seller offers high end and low end prices. To each his own I always say. Whoever buys it could always replace the handles if the rest of the bag is decent.
  12. I love the dark patina.It looks like something youd see a little old lady carrying in Europe.
  13. I can not even carry any of my lvs once they start to get dark...little alone FILTHY. YUCK!!! I am CONSTANTLY washing my hands and my handles still get a little makes me crazy. I had to drive rental car last week as I parked my new lexus right up against a phone pole (talking on the phone) and even though the rental was a new car the steering wheel was sticky made me SICK. I had to get my sanitizer sheets and wipe it off like crazy several times!! I could not imagine having to carry that bag!!!! YUCK.
  14. Top is dirt, the whole handle is pantina. It's gotten tooooo loved.