Is This Paris Hilton's Grandmother ?

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    Paris was spotted hanging out with yesterday? The sexy duo were photographed cruising up and down West Hollywood's famed Robertson Blvd, stepping into a number of trendy shops, where Paris performed a rather Hiltonesque makeover on grandma. I'll leave it up to you to judge the results.

    faded Youth
  2. Perez Hilton saids it's Brett Ratner's grandmother, Frannie. She supposedly is filming scenes w/ Paris for her reality show, My Grandson, The Director.
  3. I have no idea but I really love Paris's dress, and those gorgeous diamonds !!!
  4. OMG what has she done to her?:lol: :lol: Poor woman.:roflmfao:
  5. indeeeed... paris' outfit is sooo cute ..

    OT: anyone knows which brand are PH's lenses?
  6. Love PH!
  7. :smile: I love her dress.
  8. Poor granny whoever she is...:crybaby:
  9. lol