Is this overpriced?

  1. It is def. more than retail (I think they were US$2700.00).
  2. that bag is a show bag and it is 2250. it's not sold out though. i think there is both a brown one and orange or yellow one at south coast plaza. the plain one is 885.
  3. Don't even get me started on ebay:rant: Greedy bas:censor: ds!
  4. Yah, that's totally overpriced
  5. Actually on the French version of the website, that bag is 2500 euros which is more than the le fab at 2290 euros... so that puts it over $3,250.00 it's actually 100 euros less than the fringe bucket which I heard was $3,850.00 retail? But if I converted my euros correctly, the bag is like $3.5k ish
  6. We should ask MonaBlu! She just got one in yellow!!!:idea:
  7. Of course the fleur version costs a lot more than the regular- but I think the Onatah PM in reg costs about $875.
  8. Nop Nop Nop.. :excl: :excl:

    The small one (PM FLEUR) is $2250 USD.. and the large one is $3250 USD.

    I am not sure about it not being sold out.. but i can't find mine no more. (PM Fleur in yellow)..

    The plain one is cheaper though...
  9. Vuitton on Rodeo Dr still have all colors...
  10. i mean in the PM tho