Is this outfit okay for a job interview?

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  1. Mornin' everyone!

    If a corporate office has an "office casual" dress policy, is it okay to wear this to an interview or do I *have* to wear a suit?

    I was thinking a fitted black cashmere turtleneck and a very tailored camel-colore Harris tweed pencil skirt and nude colored pumps... and a big Chanel totebag without logos.

    It's just that I have not found a suit that fits me well. I feel schlumpy in them... I don't know, it just feels weird because I'm still only 21!
  2. i think that would be ok i know my friends mom interviews people for positions and she says she hates when younger people try to act very stuffy and dress like they are 95. i think that sounds cute and still classy/professional.
  3. Thats perfect... add pearls or diamonds and then you'd be rolling.
  4. Sounds really nice. Porfessional, but not too dressy.
  5. Most of the places I interviewed at while job hunting had a business casual dress code, but I still wore a suit to the interview. But, if you haven't found a suit that you feel comfortable and confident in, then I wouldn't wear one just for the sake of trying to look professional. What you're describing sounds great :biggrin:
  6. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking...

    The field I want to go into is super competitive so I'm kinda worried about the 10000 other people who'll be interviewed.... I'm sure they'll all wear suits.
  7. You sound very intelligent and mature for your age (I thought you were older!). I'm sure you'll do wonderfully. Besides, there will probably be a ton of interviewees who will wear ill-fitting suits in an attempt to look professional, while you'll look great :nuts:
  8. I think the out fit sounds perfect, you wont be over dressed or under dressed, it sounds neat and professinal. Will you be wearing a dress jacket or coat ?
  9. Thanks, Cristina! Yeah, I'm a young'un. I've never been to a job interview before.
  10. i think what you described sounds great. from my experience personell managers want people to dress nicely and appropriate. you should look elegant and for that you don't necessarily need a suit. if you wear that outfit and are nice, polite and well prepared you shouldn't have a problem.
  11. IMO a Suit. No matter what the people in the office are wearing, you must look professional. Wear a suit (get one that fits), keep the jewelry low key and the heels low as well.
  12. i don't think a suit is necessary, particularly if they make you feel uncomfortable or you feel that they don't look nice on you. the outfit you described sounds very professional and classy, certainly more so than 'business casual,' and my rule of thumb is that when you interview, dress slightly more formally than the people that work there do.

    interviewing is all about feeling and conveying confidence and professionalism, and i think you should dress in a way that makes you feel like that.

    i always feel sorry for the girls i see around campus that look like they're going to a job interview...ill-fitting, cheap suits, obvious pantyhose, and mom shoes? i would NEVER wear that to an interview, even if it is what most people where. employers look for a pleasant personality; convey yours! they'll remember you if you're slightly different.
  13. I love job interviews!! I think the outfit sounds fab, I'm a big turtleneck and pencil skirt fan, BUT I think you should wear a suit, especially if we are talking about a conservative type of business. Best Best of Luck!!!!!!
  14. Sounds great, even with the 'smart/office casual' policy, always wear a suit for an interview (except some funky IT or graphic design companies or Levi's of course). It's clever of you not to wear a bag with big logos or the trendiest bag to an interview, by the same token, don't wear too much jeweleries or your biggest rocks. Dress for your age. But I don't think you need much advise, you sound like you know what you are doing. Good luck!

    p.s. finance? inv. bank? B&McK? hehe...just curious.
  15. Maybe you should carry one of your Theory jackets with you...just in case.