Is this outdated (be honest)

  1. It's still a super popular and highly requested style! I love the gold, it's good for fall/winter imo.
  2. I like the duffles and think that's cute and not outdated. Besides, if you like it, you should carry it.
  3. Definitely not outdated....I'm still kicking myself for not getting it at the outlet when I was there......
  4. OK thanks :smile: I was afraid for a minute that Id look like I was living in 1992 or something...I loved it and then had buyers remorse. I think Ill keep it and work on getting a Carly next ;)
  5. I don't think it's outdated, That picture does not do it justice, I think that color combo looks a lot nicer in person. :smile:
  6. outdated? no. classic? yes.
  7. Marilee, you are so right...that is a bad pic of it. :smile:
  8. I couldn't have said it better!
  9. very cute! gold is still very much IN...i love it!
  10. i dont think its outdated at all. im planning on getting a black signature one probably next month.
  11. Not outdated it's a 2005 bag, metallics are in, duffles are popular. It reminds me of the Legacy C bags with metallic trim.

    Infact, I have a metallic optic hobo from 2005 with metallic leather trim, it's my favorite C bag. I love it for summertime!
  12. That is a beautiful bag. I wish I would have bought one like it. Everyone will comment on that bag when you wear it and think they can go buy one in the store! They can't!!!! Lucky you - hope you love it.
  13. Coach never looks dated to me, I see quite a few women in the MI area carrying bags 10 yrs old, the cool leather styles.....I always am in awe, never thinking, wow she is carrying an old purse.
  14. I LOVE that bag...I've tried many times to get one off eBay...the khaki/bronze combo is awesome!

    (I have the medium skinny in that bronze/ it!)