Is this one real?

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  1. Hi, I've been checking around, and I just wanted some extra verification to see if this was real, any help would be great!
    I checked the link that gave the clues for if a lesportsac bag is real, but I've never owned one before, so I justed wanted one more verification for either of these bags. Thank you very much! =)
  2. The second one (the Tokidoki Bambino) is real. I'm not sure on the 1st, as I don't follow regular LeSportsac stuff that closely.

    And, actually, these types of authentication posts should be placed in the sticky above labeled:
    ~*~Authenticate This! Tokidoki / LeSportSac item!~*~

    A mod will probably move this posting thread to the Authenticate thread.
  3. ooo ok oopsies im new here ^_^ hehe thanks for the tip!
  4. 2nd one is from a store that sells tokidoki in vancouver