~ is this okay...?

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  1. I used the BIN option for a bag, paid through paypal, and the seller confirmed that she has shipped it. So a few days later I noticed that someone has left positive feedback for her for the exact same bag :huh: the feedback is new but the auction was way before mine.. is it possible that the seller had 2 of that bag to sell? =s both listings have the exact same description, even images!

    the seller has 100% positive feedback, btw :confused1:
  2. I suppose it is possible she had two of the same. I can see why you are worried though. I would just ask her if it was me...good luck,,,
  3. Have you the link, what kind of bag is it, is it especially expensive or hard to get
  4. moi et mes sacs; i thought about asking her.. hmmm =/ maybe i should

    RachelA; its a Balenciaga 08 City.. the other buyer and i both paid the same amount $1,305 using BIN
  5. I agree the best thing to do is to ask her, I think her response will be probably be the best indication of whether there is anything to worry about. I do understand your concern though and I hope it is ok:flowers:
  6. ^^Could you post a link to that auction here? I could check this for you... was it from ebay.com?
  7. uh oh..that worries me a bit, but maybe she did have 2 of the same bags but was too lazy to take pics of each. Hopefully it all works out..keep us posted.
  8. hmmmm..
    is she a powerseller? What kind of feedback does she have? Any other balenciagas taht she sold?

    That is a bit odd though. please post a link of it, we are all interested!
  9. Ita!:tup:
  10. is ti a high price item?:confused1:
  11. I would ask her and see. I have had buyers return and I have re-listed and used the same everything and receive pos feedback. Maybe that could be it also.
  12. I dont see what the big deal is. Unless it is a very hard to find bag. I sold a fendi magic bag a month ago. And I just found another one at the same store yesterday. This concerns me now because I didnt know people thought that if you sold the same bag again that something fishy was going on. Wondering if I should return that second bag???
  13. ^^ no dont return it..just say something like "i sold one of these previously, and now am selling this one for my sister" or something..
  14. Same thing happened to me? Buyer had two and used the same template! Bag was real soo no harm done:smile:
  15. foxyqt, any updates? Did you ask the seller about it?