Is this okay to do? Re-Selling.

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  1. I have a couple of bags I have gotten on eBay. They are new with tags, perfect new condition still. I have them stored away. I have decided they are not what I wanted.

    Is it okay for me to put them back on eBay? Or is that a big no-no?:s

    And if it is okay, do I need to say that I won off of eBay and decided I didnt want them?

  2. Are they fake? If not, then there's nothing stopping you from selling them. It's against the law to sell fakes, so if you know they are authentic, then go ahead! Make some money!
  3. If you really don't need/like them right now, I'm pretty sure there's a few who would want them so bad.. So go ahead make your moolah! :smile:
  4. As long as the bags are authentic, you should be able to resell them.
  5. of course you can! They're yours but make sure they're auth. first i mean you could get tons of complaints etc
  6. people 'flip' items on eBay all the time. . . it's yours now, to do whatever you want with.
    If you bought them in the last couple of months, people can see that in your history though, although no big deal, they can see what you paid.
  7. Hi. First off, have them authenicated.

    Second, start a Selling ID (all you need is another e-mail address to do that).

    Start selling small things and get some FB built up. Then list the bags.

    Keep your buying & selling IDs separate.
  8. I agree. It's OK as long as they are not fake. Have them authenticated to save you some potential grief/negative feedback.
  9. Why do you advise keeping your buying ID and selling ID separate? Thanks!
  10. Keep your buying & selling IDs separate. < why?
  11. you don't have to say its from ebay, but i think its good to do so!
    someone can do an advanced search or check your feedbacks to find out who you got the bag from and how much you paid for it anyway!

    be honest and go for it!

    They are authentic! I just didnt know what was "kosher" to do on Ebay!

    And I like the idea of a "selling" and "buyer" ID on Ebay. I guess I will need to build up my selling ID now! I guess I will start with selling off my daughter's clothes before the "bigger bucks" items!

    Again, thanks everyone!
  13. as long as they are authentic, you should go ahead and sell them and buy something you love. no point leaving them in your closet. you may not be into it anymore and should pass it on to someone who will use and enjoy it. Sell sell sell them on ebay.
  14. Sellers who "flip" for profit always separate their ID's. One for buying, and one to resell. So that way the buyer doesn't see what you paid for it ;)
  15. Not only that, but you can leave negs for sellers if you have a problem, without fearing retaliatory FB.