Is this Okay-Regarding Elux Order


Jan 22, 2006
I finally received the Cabas Piano I got in exchange for the Speedy 30 I returned to Elux.

The first thing I noticed was that when I opened the box, the handles and the bottom of the vanchetta were not naked in color as usual new LVs should be. I know how they should look b/c I have a fairly new pochette next to me, and when I got the Speedy and Cabas Mezzo, the handles were far lighter. It seems like the vanchetta has started oxidizing already. And instead of feeling slightly powderish on the surface, it already has a shine (as if it had contact w/oil already).

But, the zipper pulls and the handles had the original plastic wrappings. And the bottom of the bag (which is all vanchetta) has no spots or uneven parts (which means likely it wasn't worn)

So, I took a look at the date code, and it was produced in March '04.

Should this bother me at all? I don't feel 100% right only b/c it's not what I'm used to as a Brand New LV. And I'd think Elux has fast enough turnover for LV bags that they wouldn't have had a '04 produced Cabas Piano sitting around til now.


Jan 6, 2006
I agree that would bother me as well. If you wanted a used bag than you would have bought one on ebay, right. I think I would contact them and ask them about it. I'm sure they'll exchange it for you. I'm sorry that this happened.


I need more cowbell, baby
Dec 15, 2005
Tanja's right. If you spent that much $ on a bag, then you should be 110% content w/ it. They shouldn't be sending far less superior bags that don't meed your specifications. Send it back and let me know what happened. I'm sure they'll accomodate you.


Jan 26, 2006
I would be glad its starting patinaing (sp?) I hate when its super white light leather...barf! I have my new BH sitting in the window as we speak....
You have to do what you like. IF you like the super light leather send it back...if you like it patinaed and it has no spots keep it, you will have a jump on the process.

I am sure they will accomodate you.



Jan 22, 2006
I called Elux and told them the situation. I asked them if this happens time to time where the supposed new LV has already started oxidizing. He said it shouldn't and that yes, it was not the usual case that the bag had a '04 stamp code b/c the inventory turnover for Cabas Piano is rather high. So, they're putting an exchange order for me w/prepaid Fedex shipping and I should get mine by next Wednesday.

I actually hope that my vanchette starts darkening the way this one did as it is even beautiful, but it just didn't feel 'right' the fact that initially I didn't get a naked vanchetta one. And what IF I decide to put it up on Ebay few years down the line? Some buyers look at the date code as reference to see how old the bag is rather than the purchase date.

My Mezzo had a defect as well where the strings of the zipper portion where the fabric and the leather meets started coming loose. It's taking more than 2 weeks for them to process the whole thing and I won't have the bag til next week. ARGH!! Usually my Elux experience is really good~~this time, it's getting a bit frustrating! :evil:


Feb 8, 2006
Bella, sorry to hear of this unfortunate mishap :sad2: Have you asked Eluxury if they would overnight the replacement bag to you via FedEx so that you would have it by tommorrow? Eluxury is usually very accomadating especially with mishaps on their end. I would say try calling back and ask for the complimentary overnight replacement. Its worth a try, nothing to loose. Lots to gain :nuts:


Mitzi ♥ Indigo
Feb 18, 2006
bella1 said:
I actually hope that my vanchette starts darkening the way this one did as it is even beautiful, but it just didn't feel 'right' the fact that initially I didn't get a naked vanchetta one.

You made a great choice and I totally agree. When I expect to buy new Vuitton I want my naked vachetta, even with the possible mishaps that might befall it until it becomes a lovely honey patina.