Is this ok?

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  1. We know how difficult it is to get offered Birkins. All the cookies earned and relationship building.....

    And one day, your SA calls and offers you a Birkin. But you're just not up to one at this moment but you don't want to 'lose' the Birkin. What do you do?

    One scenario is pretend that you ARE buying the bag and bring a friend along with you, a friend who has no prior relationship with H whatsoever, and in fact will be getting the bag. It's like getting the Birkin for your friend. Is that ok?
  2. tricia, someone else here posted a thread not too long ago about the same topic. If you aren't feeling the love, don't buy it. Don't worry about what an SA thinks. Buy the bag that YOU really want.
  3. ^^ I agree. Buy only what you love.

    On the other hand, if this is the bag your friend really wants for herself, she can go with you and buy the bag - for herself. No need to pretend to buy the bag; your SA still gets the sale, thanks to you. It's a win/win for everyone.
  4. i agree with gina b.

    i think though that tricia means telling the SA you're interested and want to see it and bringing the friend who really wants it and then when you're there having her buy it instead, yes?
  5. yup
  6. tricia, are you in a situation of one birkin too many? :graucho:

    I think it's a dangerous game. The policy at our store is pretty much representative of all the stores in Asia. It is perhaps very alien to members from Paris, Europe or the US, where the supply of Birkins seem to be higher. Take this for an example. One may chance upon a Birkin on the shelf. In SG, never a chance, right?

    My understanding is that when a SA puts up a proposal for a customer to be offered a Birkin, the SM has first say whether to proceed or not. And if the SM can see justification that the customer may have a Birkin, it still requires Corporate to grant that approval. And this approval is not transferrable.

    In this situation, if you choose to 'help' your friend get her Birkin, you will have to wait a longer time to be offered another one. In the eyes of the store, you have already used up your entitlement, so to speak.

    If I were you (well, I can never be you;)), I would politely tell my SA that I wish to pass on the birkin and say I am not ready for another one. But will re-look at it again in X months. And give my SA exactly what I wish to acquire at that moment in time.

    Does this help?
  7. Precisely why I just feel that it is really not right to do my friend this favour. I should really just let it pass, no?
  8. tricia, if it were me i would call my sa and tell her how grateful you are for the opportunity to buy the birkin, and if she is nice ask if you might send your friend in to look at it as it might be the bag of her dreams...if you let your SA know that you want to preserve your abilility to buy your alloted birkin in the color you are waiting for, maybe she will still sell your friend the birk...full disclosure might help you in this case and your friend also. good luck!
  9. I think this is the best approach.
  10. You've a fab relationship with your SA. You know she loves you. The best thing I feel, is to introduce your friend to the store, and leave it to her to work her own way to her Birkin.

    Unless you're absolutely sure that you don't ever, ever want another Birkin in future, then go ahead and help your friend. It's anyone's guess if you'd still be offered another Birkin after this incident. I have no idea how the SM views this sort of 'private arrangement'. I was once told that if I didn't want a particular bag that I was offered, it will have to go to the next customer in the list. So, my guess is that the SM would really appreciate it if we follow her store policy. Can you imagine if your friend lets word out that it was YOU who got her her Birkin, or if she indiscreetly said that she got her Birkin from our store, and she does not even have a relationship there? The repurcussions would not be good on you.

  11. Thanks HC. Honesty is indeed the best policy :yes::yes:.
  12. It always is.
  13. :shocked::shocked:
  14. ^^ LOL! That's like NEVER!!!! :heart::rolleyes:
  15. I think that is good thinking. If it's not just about making the sale, the SA might think twice about calling you again.

    There maybe other long term customers who want this particular color-leather combo and if your friend buys it she might be unwittingly "jumping the queue" which is not good politics.