Is This Off The Chain? or should i take the chain off?

  1. I received a dustbag from RM today and she even sent a free chain! My Elisha in elephant has silver toned hardware just like the chain. I'm not sure if the chain is meant specifically for the MA bags so I attached it and took a pic. Be honest, should I take it back off?
    RM Elisha3.JPG RM Elisha w chain.JPG
  2. I'm amazed that I am about to type this but....I like it better without the chain
  3. I think it looks cute for every day, but if you plan on taking the bag to work, I would take it off. By the way, your tree looks great in the background; I love Christmas!
  4. I like chains and tassels, so I would leave it.
  5. I like it without chain.
  6. The chain adds FLAIR, and I LIKE IT! Leave the chain on the purse.
  7. I prefer it without the chain :yes: nice bag nonetheless :smile:
  8. I like it better without the chain.
  9. I like the bag without the chain!
  10. I love the chain .... I always thought the bag was nice but w/ the chain it's makes me want the bag and chain!
  11. i vote chain. but the fun of it is to switch it up :yes:
  12. I guess I will switch it up a bit, sometimes you feel like a chain, sometimes you don't!