is this odd

  1. just bought a new birkin. date stamped K. the locke is dated 09 06.
  2. I have two suggestions:
    Their new year starts with their financial year, which might be July 1 and then hits the shops a couple of months later, which would make sense from a logistics point of view.
    Second suggestion is that the bag was produced later than the lock.
  4. My SA told me that those numbers does not indicate when the bag was made but I don't know if she is correct.
  5. ^I don't exactly understand what you mean by 'meaningless' but to me it wouldn't be a big deal because I would expect the lock to be made somewhere else than the bag.
  6. ^^^ I thought it made perfect sense.

  7. sorry--i meant do you think its nothing of concern? i bought it from a reseller. not concerned about authenticty but i always wonder where the hell these bags came from -i hate buying this way but i do occasionally
  8. I agree with hello2703, it make sense that the lock is made somewhere else at prior to the bag.
  9. Hi, thanks for the clarification :smile: . I wouldn't be worried by this detail at all.
    So where are the pics?:drool:
  10. double post sorry
  11. im waiting!
  12. If it looks like an authentic lock then I wouldn't have problems with when it was produced. I would think they have have a ginormous box of lock with their keys and just grab one for the new bag. If from a reseller, perhaps the original lock was lost and this is replacement. Also no big deal IMO as long as it is authentic.
  13. Well, if you can't pin the bag to the seller as the original purchaser, then... In other words, it is a leap of faith when you purchase in this fashion. From what I have seen on the listings thread of tPF, some bags can change hands 3-5 times in 2 years. If you "hate buying this way" then don't if it is going to cause you upset, anguish and misery. It isn't worth the ulcer that you will give yourself. I really mean this and am not saying this to you as a wise ass. In the end, the only things that count, regarding the bag, are authenticity and condition. A bag from one person can be in worse shape than a bag that has changed hands 3 times.
  14. If it's coming from the wardrobe of a multi-Birkin owner, it is possible she's switched locks on her bags without much thought and hence the lock may have come from an older bag in her collection?
  15. This may be a silly question, but where is the date on the lock? Mine just has a number that matches the keys. Might be my farsighted eyes? :confused1: