Is this not the cutest????

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  1. givenchy.jpg

  2. It's ADORABLE. What is it?????
  3. cute
  4. Oooh! That looks like a metallic Givenchy pumpkin bag! I have it in black. :love:
  5. Greendrv it IS! I so want the bigger size though and would kill to have it. Will it EVER come around??? I keep hoping.
  6. Twinklette,
    You and me both! I would KILL to have the large cream pumpkin.
  7. that is gorgeous!! i love the color :smile:
  8. Cute.
  9. Twinklette...that is super CUTE!!!
  10. It's cute - looks so tiny though!
  11. It would make a nice evening bag! I like it!
  12. i quite like the colour!
  13. You can have the cream - I want the pink that Liv Tyler modeled with :love: Maybe someday!!!

  14. Cute. Does it come in different colors?
  15. I love it! :nuts:
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