Is this normal?

  1. So my Speedy arrived today. While everything else seem perfectly alligned, all the 4 tabs have this kind of double stitching on one side. What do you ladies think, is it normal? 20170817_202631.jpg
  2. My tahitienne and world tour have it like yours but I bought a preloved jungle speedy that did not so maybe its something they just started doing? I dont think there is anything wrong with it, congrats on your speedy!
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  3. my speedy b 25 arrived last week and I let go the fact that there are wrinkles on the sides of the bag, but today i just noticed the stitching on mine is popping up and also my handles are already creasing. I know no bag is perfect, so I am going to accept it I am just sad about it, a little bit. sorry about yours too.

    IMG_7632.JPG IMG_7637.JPG IMG_7642.JPG IMG_7645.JPG IMG_7654.JPG
  4. My DE Speedy that I purchased early this year does not have this kind of stitching. It is neat single throughout the four sides of tab so was wondering.
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    Those three stitches are overlapped on all 4 tabs. Talk about proportion! LOL
  6. Thank you
  7. I'm no help but I'm also wondering too wether the stitching ie the loose ends are suppose to poke through like that. I was always under the impression that LV like to keep thread ends neatly concealed. But then I don't own enough LV to know if this always the case. But when I've watched you tube video's about it. They do go on about the stitching being precise and tidy. The 3 stiches of double stitching I think is normal though. I have some like that on pieces that have tabs.
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    Its completely like you described on my Speedy DE. Neat single stitches on all sides and no loose threads visible.
  9. You know I have this feeling that if you take it back to LV they will say it's "normal". Or that its handmade so its expected. I know for some people they don't mind this. I'd probably be the same as you. A bit perplexed. I wouldn't say you are picky to return this whatsoever because it is unusual thing to see on a LV. Everything that is written about LV and their stitching doesn't highlight this as been a trait of theirs. But it would be interesting what they say to you.
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